uBudget is a simple, minimalist budget app that will allow you to track your spending each month.


  1. Income and expense tracking

    Reports per budget entry

    Dark mode

    Touch and Face ID enabled (IOS)

    Backup and restore to Dropbox/Google Drive

    Select different currencies

    Import previous month budget


    Advisor to display highlights for the month

    Export data to an external program

    Full history log for each month

    Savings mode (ad video required for access)

What personal data is collected?

None of your data is collected by uBudget.

How is your data protected

All the budget data is stored locally on your device. If a user requests the data to be uploaded it is sent to the users personal backup account. None of the data is sent to uBudget or a third party.

Google advertising

uBudget uses Google Admob which is used to display ads to the user. The following information may be collected by Google:

IP address, which may be used to estimate the general location of a device.
Non-user related crash logs, which may be used to diagnose problems and improve the SDK. Diagnostic information may also be used for advertising and analytics purposes.
User-associated performance data such as app launch time, hang rate, or energy usage, which may be used to evaluate user behavior, understand the effectiveness of existing product features, and plan new features. Performance data may also be used for displaying ads, including sharing with other entities that display ads.
A Device ID such as the device's advertising identifier or other app-bounded device identifiers, which may be used for the purpose of third-party advertising and analytics.
Advertising data, such as advertisements the user has seen, may be used to power analytics and advertising features.
Other user product interactions like app launch taps, and interaction information, like video views, may be used to improve advertising performance.


uBudget - IOS


uBudget - Droid